Articles analyzing different equipment related to photography: camera bodies, lenses, lighting, accessories, data storage devices, etc.

June 8, 2020
Discover new SpyderX Kit

Discover the new SpyderX Photo Kit

Looking for tools for more consistency, efficiency and accuracy in your photographic work? Then you should discover the new SpyderX Photo Kit! Announced this morning, the […]
May 30, 2020
Sony 90mm f/2.8 Macro lens

Hands-on with the Sony 90mm f/2.8 macro lens

Looking for a way to photograph with fresh and new perspectives? From nature to portrait, to commercial and artistic photography, a macro lens might just be […]
February 17, 2020
Female Weightlifter athlete celebrates successful lift sports event

Covering my first international sports event, part three

February 12, 2020
Female weightlifter athlete smiles during a sports competition

Covering my first international sports event, part two

February 4, 2020
Female photographer Michele Grenier with prime lenses

Why I only use prime lenses

January 30, 2020
Female photographer takes pictures with camera by the river during winter

Photography without a tripod: Three useful tips

December 11, 2019
Before after female CrossFit athlete smiling underexposed

How to get photos with perfect exposure 100% of the time

December 11, 2019
Michele Grenier photo portrait excited with Drobo devices in front of her

Getting my new pair of Drobos up and running

December 11, 2019
Michele Grenier Photo taking photos with Sony a9

Switching from DSLR to Mirrorless: My six months review

December 11, 2019
Zeiss lens

Diving into the ZEISS look at PhotoPlus

December 11, 2019
Michele Grenier Photo female portrait

I need a major data storage upgrade

December 11, 2019
Strongman athlete lifting atlas stone

I got my new Sony FE 135mm f/1.8 lens… and it’s incredible!

December 11, 2019
CrossFit athlete happy in the middle of the crowd

I did it… I switched to mirrorless!

December 11, 2019
Boxer Lexson Mathieu working out with punching bag

Will I switch from DSLR to Mirrorless? The final round

December 11, 2019
Female Olympic weightlifter smiles after her performance

Will I switch from DSLR to Mirrorless? My first experience with the Olympus OM-D E-M1X

December 11, 2019
female dancer in action hair flowing in the air

Will I switch from DSLR to Mirrorless? My first photoshoot experience with the Sony a9

December 11, 2019
Camera side to side Sony a9 and Olympus OM-D E-M1X

Will I switch from DSLR to Mirrorless? First hands-on with the Sony a9 and the Olympus OM-D E-M1X

December 11, 2019
Comparison of three professional mirrorless camera bodies: Nikon D750, Sony a9, Olympus OMD-EM1X

Are you considering switching your DSLR to a mirrorless? I am

December 11, 2019
Long exposure dancing photography light painting

Creative lighting with Lume Cubes

December 11, 2019
Lume Cube photographer's pack

Unboxing my Lume Cube photographer’s pack

December 11, 2019
Golden hour cyclist on country road

Fixing your white balance: Your ultimate solution

December 11, 2019
Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 black

Could this lens possibly become the best 70-200mm f/2.8 on the market?

August 16, 2018
Illuminati meter in hand and white background

The Illuminati meter: What is that?